CLAE CLAE's commitment to innovation and design has yielded a distinct collection of smart essentials fit for the modern man. Taking extra steps by using premium leathers and materials, and emphasizing uncommon comfort and versatility, CLAE creates footwear that evolves and endures.
CLAE Mills - Tan
CLAE Chambers - Silt / Camel
CLAE Ellington - Grey / Polka
CLAE Ellington - Camel / Off-White
CLAE Ellington - Midnight Navy / White
CLAE For AXS Folk Technology Mills - Mustard / Blue
CLAE Ellington - Black / Off-White
CLAE Ellington - Navy Bolt
CLAE Gordon - Deep Navy / Chambray
CLAE Mills - Midnight Navy
CLAE Powell - Pavement / Navy
CLAE Powell - Oxblood / Gravel
CLAE Starks Boot - Black      SOLD OUT
Clae Oscar - Tan      SOLD OUT
Clae Oscar - Black Leather
CLAE Ellington - Black      SOLD OUT
Clae Strayhorn - Charcoal      SOLD OUT
CLAE Chambers - Deep Navy / Cream      SOLD OUT
CLAE Mills - Chocolate / Umber      SOLD OUT
CLAE Mills - Taupe / Oxblood      SOLD OUT
Clae Chambers - Umber      SOLD OUT
CLAE Strayhorn Unlined - Umber      SOLD OUT
Clae Chambers - Oxblood / Cream      SOLD OUT
Clae Powell - White Patent      SOLD OUT